Abigail and Paul Quote

“A huge thank you from Paul and I for creating memories that will last a lifetime! You were all incredible! From the moment you started singing, the dance floor was buzzing and it stayed that way all night! Our best memory will be dancing together surrounded by all our guests to Black Eyed Peas. Absolutely amazing!”

Abigail & Paul Cunningham, January 2013

0 Back to the Roadhouse in February

We’re looking forward to getting back to the Roadhouse in Birmingham for a full gig on the 24th February and are just in the process of looking into support acts so we can provide the best part of 3 hours of live music for our paying guests. We have a couple of people in mind, and they are quality. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates, and no doubt a new Blog will keep you up to date too.

So what else is going on…well our new Drummer is settling in nicely. We had our first rehearsal this week with him and it was great. Our old drummer Tim has more than ably stepped in to cover our gigs till the new Drummer is ready to unleash. We had our first wedding gig last week at the stunning Priest House venue in Castle Donnington. The happy couple, Stu & Nicky were the perfect clients and very complimentary about the band and further gigs are already pencilled in to the diary from other guests.

We’re planning to record new demo over the next month or so, to reflect the changes in line up this year. It also keeps things fresh, and reflective of the line up we have. Band always evolve with new members, fresh ideas and different playing styles so it’s important that our clients get to hear what the band actually sounds like. It’s not going to be immediate as we want our new additions to settle a little, but certainly within the next few months.

The recording process is a little odd though as we all like to record live, but this can be a tricky thing to do when you don’t have Beyonce’s financial resources! It’s more cost effective to record a track at a time, and we have members of the band who could get a decent result ‘in-house’ but again, its not reflective of how the band sounds live. We don’t like smoke and mirrors in this band, what you hear is what you get. So with all this considered, we are looking to get a day in a studio and get some funk down!

Right, off to listen to some new tracks were working on so till next time….Stay Funky

0 Glastonbudget Auditions

Two blogs in 24 hours, but I thought an overview of tonights events was worth committing to text! So back at home after the Glastonbudget Auditions, glass of JD & Coke (a post gig ritual) and American Dad on the tellybox!

Well we got the opening slot, which is a bit of a mixed bag as it meant we got a full soundcheck instead of the line check the rest of the artists got, but we are the one’s playing to a room that isn’t warmed up. From tucked behind the Keyboards I could see heads bopping from the start, and enthusiastic cheers and responses from the audience. Our ‘festival ready’ set went as planned, a slick half hour with segue’s and crowd interaction from the get go. The singers in Second City Soul have learnt the craft of interacting with audiences, and tonight it paid dividends as we got sing backs, laughter and smiles from the paying public!

The other acts all brought something a little different and we were followed by Anesis, a young band with an astonishing Guitarist. A mix of covers and original material really showed a gifted band on the rise, Muse is maybe a cheap comparison but the guys have virtuosity and a slant for the unusual where you wouldn’t normally expect to find it. They managed to mix Superstition and Back in Black, and make it work too! Next up was The Magoos, an experienced band graced with a singer with a gravelly soulful voice, definite overtones of Tom Jones (in the best way) and they covered a mix of ballsy, bluesy covers with style and really got the crowd rocking along. Next was the fantastic Lara Franklin, a charismatic and talented girl who in the midst of bands with big sounds, just stood there with an Acoustic Guitar and delivered! She has a way on stage of holding attention and we could have been watching a seasoned performer at the heights of a career. To round up the evening was ‘steam punk’ band Crimson Clocks. Now I don’t know ‘Steam Punk’ as a genre but a Victorian look at folk music wasn’t be far away from my thoughts. A very alternative and committed band doing something which based on my experiences is truly unique.

We saw lots of old friends, and made some great new friends too so our public thanks go to all those who supported us and the other bands. It was great to see so many people happily hang around to see all the bands. A special shout out to the venue and the sound engineer for making sure everything worked seamlessly and everyone had a great sound.

Stay Funky!

0 Glastonbudget audition and a view from the top of 2013

Ah, a Blog. Here’s a first for us.

So tonight is Second City Soul’s first gig of the year, and its a showcase. It’s been a while since I’ve done a showcase, the last one being a rather intense affair with Hugh Goldsmith who was responsible for the success of Blue, Atomic Kitten and Billie Piper to name a few. A very nervy affair, potential musical success on the cards and a big A&R player sat in front of you doesn’t really take the heat out of the situation! You heap pressure on yourself and it shows, I felt I did well but it wasn’t the best I could do. Hugh was great though, very aware of that and did the best anyone could do to make us feel relaxed and settled.

Tonight, however, should be a slightly different affair. A little older, a little less pressure as this is for an opportunity to play Glastonbudget, the festival for function bands! We have half an hour to do our thing, and our thing is Soul, Funk and R&B. Regardless of us getting picked, we plan to put forward a slick set of classic but slightly less than standard function band fare for the enjoyment of our audience. This is the difference you see, unlike my last showcase experience in a room with a handful of people from the ‘label’, we get to play to an audience. Which from our experience is a real strength. 5 years from inception we still have 4 of 6 founder members with new additions on bass and drums for 2013. It means that we have fun on stage cos were playing with our mates, and our audiences have always seemed to buy into that. I’ve seen talented bands who barely look at each other and are detached from the other band members and it’s frankly insipid to watch. The best function bands are the ones loving every minute, really enjoying the music and the celebration.

So 2013, as I mentioned we have 2 new members. Both are excellent players and longstanding friends of the band, so they know what were about and the level we want to be at and they come with brilliant attitudes. We are also having a little rebrand, new logo’s with new pics, videos and demo’s to follow soon. We’ve even looked at Second City Soul branded clothing so when we turn up for a wedding we look as slick and professional off stage as we do on stage. Our diary’s peppered with gigs, and it’s certainly the best start to a year we’ve had in terms of filling the diary but there’s space left if you’re looking for a quality function band to get your guests dancing ;-)